2009 Spring Newsletter

2009 Spring rally photograph

The Club’s luck with the weather finally ran out at the May rally and 47th AGM at Little Budworth in Cheshire. Most of the rain fell during the night and the rally field drainage coped very efficiently, which was just as well, as we found we were sharing the site with the Cheshire Centre of the Caravan Club.

There were sufficient hook-ups for everyone arranged in groups of four, but the undulating nature of our bit of the site made it impossible to site the vans to any particular pattern – the marshals found it easiest to run out members electric cables from the power point first and then site the vans at the most convenient place within the range of the cables. It was surprising to see how long, or short, proprietary made-up cables can be, but when everyone was plugged in there were plenty of amps available. Fish & chips were brought in from Winsford whilst the rally marshals conjured up mushy peas, all enjoyed with a glass (or two) of wine in the comfort of the marshals’ awning.

Even more comfortable surroundings were enjoyed for the AGM and Get-together on the Friday evening as the site ‘Snug’ had been hired for this occasion. The Shrewsbury Arms, 400 yds down the road was the venue for the Saturday evening meal. Very conveniently situated, this was chosen ‘blind’, the surroundings were pleasant and the meal was adequate for the price, members being able to order individually from the menu, though the Hon Sec wouldn’t recommend Old Tom’s Steak Pie cooked in Robinson’s Ale.

Most members departed on Sunday morning whereupon the weather deteriorated, and the rally marshals were left to marvel at the stoicism of the Cheshire Centre ralliers as they flocked (do lemmings flock?) to their mid-day flag meeting. The rain poured down on a multitude of umbrellas as they congregated outside their marshal’s very large caravan with its very small porch awning, drinking what must have been very much watered-down sherry. They all got off the field by the early evening without any assistance as did the last two Carlights on the Monday morning.

The AGM. In view of the poor attendance the Chairman proposed that all the officers be re-elected en bloc, there being no other nominations for the various offices. This was agreed unanimously as was the decision to co-opt members to the committee if the need arose, bearing in mind there would probably be only one committee meeting before the next AGM. There was considerable discussion as to how numbers at rallies might be increased. It was decided to offer new members a free first rally in their first 12 months of membership – the offer being in the form of pitch fees, any EHU being charged at the going rate, as would be the charge for the Friday night Get-together. When the Hon Sec pointed out there was a handful of longstanding members who had yet to attend a rally, it was further decided to extend the offer to them, but only for the next two rallies. i.e. Pixley End and King’s Lynn.

New Members. Several new members have joined. We look forward to meeting them on the rally field.

Future Rallies. Pixley End, Nr Ledbury, 17 – 22 Sept 2009 details enclosed with this newsletter. King’s Lynn 13 May – 18 May 2010. Wanted suitable site for Club’s 50th Anniversary Rally May 2012 – efforts to book the River Laver site at Ripon have yet again failed in spite of a personal visit by Hon Sec. Any ideas to Hon Sec. Please.

Insurance. The Hon Sec is often asked if the Club can recommend any insurance broker and the answer he gives is that it is best to shop around. He himself has just saved £50 by transferring the Commander 15/2 to the Caravan Club Insurance Services. However, on the involved question of agreed value insurance, one of our members recommends Allen Blundell (Insurance Brokers), telephone 0800 9707172.

Gas Mantles. If your van was made pre-1978 and like the Hon Sec you wish to retain this original fitting and use it when all else fails, you will know mantles are easily damaged and replacements are much more difficult to locate. WWW.Wilmond.co.uk are importing replacements from the Far East, but you need to know your original fitting number as they are no longer called by the old familiar names, such as Veritas (and which evidently were made in Malta).

Written by P White Hon Sec. Edited by R Magson for website May 2010

This page revised May 2010